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Consultation in London

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Dr. Attila is not only the principal dentist of the Hungarian clinics, but since 2015 he has also established his own clinic in London, where he visits regularly every 2-3 weeks.

The OPG X-ray or CT scan scans, consultations with Dr Attila or his colleagues are done in London (173 Kentish Town Rd., London, NW1 8PD). The consultation costs £100 which includes a Panoramic X-ray also!

Treatment in Hungary


The treatment is a major teamwork, with a group of 6-10 professionals working together. The treatment starts with the extraction of the teeth (if necessary) and the insertion of the implants. If only one jawbone is involved, 8-10 implants are placed, if both of them need to be restored, a total of 16-20 implants are inserted.

The entire treatment usually takes 2.5-3 hours, during which local anaesthesia and IV sedation are used by highly experienced anaesthetists, making the treatment almost painless. Following this, an impression of the implants is taken and within 4-5 days the final bridge is made and placed on the implants.

The patient will then stay in Hungary for a few more days for further check-ups, after which they can travel home.

Aftercare, Check-up in London

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It's true that patients can eat and smile happily with fixed teeth after the first treatment, but the aftercare and check-ups are extremely important!

6 months after the treatment they need to return to Hungary but after this all the yearly check ups can be done in London.

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The consultation costs £100 which includes a Panoramic X-ray also!