Who would you choose
to fix your teeth?

Which clinic would you choose? One that charges £600 per implant and has 20 years of experience, world class implantologists, own clinic and aftercare service in London, multiple customer service awards, or one that will give you an implant for £400 but has minimal experience, questionable quality of treatment, no aftercare and no check-up service in London?

Fortunately, you don't have to.

Our world-class team of implantologists will see you in person at our clinic in London.

We have helped thousands of patients from all over the world in the last two decades,

Dr. Attila is of the most experienced implantologists and a leading expert in this system.

With his team he has placed over 15,000 implants in the last 20 years

We provide the aftercare and check-ups in London as well.

All these with unbeatable prices (from £337/implant).

Incredible price, only from

Treatment Unit price
Extraction £69
Panoramic X-ray £19
CT scan £99
IV sedation £989
Implant bridge £219
8 implants/jaw £399
9 implants/jaw £369
10 implants/jaw £337

We started dental tourism in 2005
and were one of the firsts in the UK

We have had the privilege of helping thousands of patients and we are the proud recipients of many awards and accolades as a result. Since 2010 we have specialised in the Swiss 5 day implant system (BCS/KOS).

Conventional implants

Your new chance

For patients who have been to several clinics and have either been recommended to receive a multi-year treatment solution due to insufficient bone or have been rejected because neither conventional nor other immediate loading solutions are an option, the Swiss 5-day implant system can still help in these hopeless cases.

Conventional implants

The Swiss 5-day implant system

Our implantologists have used this system to help hundreds of patients who have been rejected elsewhere. Although it has a higher price tag, it is the choice of most patients because this is the only way to receive permanent teeth.

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The consultation costs £100 which includes a Panoramic X-ray also!


Customer service awards

5 star treatment

1st Clinic

2nd in their global list
by Global Clinic Rating
Tibor Dental's score: 4.9/5

100% patients recommended clinic