We started dental tourism in 2005
and were one of the first in the UK

We have had the privilege of helping thousands of patients and we are the proud recipients of many awards and accolades as a result. Since 2010 we have specialised in the Swiss 5 day implant system (BCS/KOS).

Conventional implants

Your new chance

For patients who have been to several clinics and have either been recommended for a multi-year treatment solution due to insufficient bone, or have been rejected because neither conventional nor other immediate loading solutions are an option, the Swiss 5-day implant system can still help in hopeless cases.

Conventional implants

The Swiss 5-day implant system

Our implantologists have used this system to help hundreds of patients who have been rejected everywhere. Although it has a higher price tag, it is the choice of most patients because it is the only way to have permanent teeth.

How is it suitable
for most people
even with low bone density?

There is an implant system that allows 90% of patients to get fixed teeth with implants, even if they were not suitable for implants before. Our mission is to help people with these problems to live a full life with beautiful, fixed teeth.


Receive permanent fixed teeth regardless of how long you've been wearing dentures.


You can still benefit even if you've previously been refused implant treatment.


IV sedation eliminates fear and anxiety before and during treatment.


These conditions don't necessarily preclude you from receiving treatment.

Full Jaw Restoration
£5,995 / jaw
Includes: Implant surgery, 8-10 Swiss implants + a 12 unit premium fixed brige.
Additional costs (extractions, root canal treatments, IV sedation, etc.)
may apply

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